Memorabilia Memorabilia Oxygene 3 Lithograph Limited Edition of 400 signed. 203474175 Equinoxe Print Signed by Michel Granger. 6/195 177023521 Destination Docklands Proof Sheet One off proof sheet for the Docklands concert program. From the tour managers office. 176602218 Oxygene 1, 2 & 3 lithographs 203474178 Revolution Gold Disc From the Hard Rock Café Ontario. 198419342 AeroSkull HD 198586984 AeroSkull XS 198413420 AeroSkull Nano Selected by JMJ as the VIP present during the Electronica tour 2016 203474235 AeroSkull Nano 198413458 Aero Twist 198413457 AeroBull Nano 204638625 Aerosystem One iPod Player designed by JMJ 179148818 Rainbow One 198650524 Rainbow One 202577832 Signed Keyboard Signed by JMJ @ Cardiff - 04/10/16 203176529 Mojo Awards Transit Warchild Ford Transit signed by JMJ at the 2010 MOJO Awards at which he received the Life Time Achievement Award. 93030409 Paris Map Signed by La Defense Cast 198533944 Jarre Technologies Brochure Signed by Jarre 101670363 Autograph Circa 1993 175851413 Houston Concept Photo 30893100 Houston Concept Photo 30893101 Houston Concept Photo 30893102 Houston Concept Photo 30893103 Houston Concept Photo 30893104 Houston Concept Photo 30893105 China Concerts Sticker 196609089 Musik aus zeit und raum. Test labels for vinyl LP. 196609087 Dreyfus Promotional Watch Issued at a Dreyfus event in 1992. 194430963 Houston Jigsaw Puzzle 30893106 Rendez Vous Postcard 175980547 Rendez Vous Press Folder German 189666016 Paris La Defence Information sheet 175851414 Destination Docklands Original Panni Projection used at Docklands 91781469 Destination Docklands Original Panni Projection used at Docklands 91781628 Destination Docklands Original Panni Projection used at Docklands 73671261 Destination Docklands Original Panni Projection used at Docklands 73671262 Destination Docklands Original Panni Projection used at Docklands 91781324 Destination Docklands Original Panni Projection used at Docklands 91781468 Destination Docklands Original Panni Projection used at Docklands 91781435 Destination Docklands Original Panni Projection used at Docklands 91781434 Press Folder German Jarre Live Press Folder 30893111 Record shop display 171368781 Record shop display 171368780 Guinness Game Card 205088376 Midifile Collect'Or Official Midi File Collection. Still sealed. 30893099 Record Company Brochure 62423868 Chronologie Chronologie Launch Party Invite 30893112 Teohihuacan Holiday booking form for the cancelled Mexico concert. 175851415 EIC Versaille Palace of Versaille plan. 175851412 Europe in Concert UK Flyer 31368173 Europe in Concert A5 Flyer 30893116 EIC Maine Road, Manchester Flyer 175905826 Europe in Concert Merchandise Flyer 160328460 Europe in Concert Postcard 175980512 1994 Feve Dreyfus Maître patissiers de l'Oise collection 197401864 Oxygene 7-13 Stamps Official Item 30893121 Oxygene 7-13 Lithograph Official print signed by JMJ and Grainger 30893122 Oxygene 7-13 Counter Display 30893123 Oxygene 7-13 Flyer 197457351 Oxygene Tour '97 Flyer 166379724 The Classic JMJ Flyer 104666555 12 Dreams of the Sun Press Folder 189666017 Egypt Book Flyer 30893129 AERO Concert Press Folder 197402055 Aero Book Flyer 30893130 Oxygene 8 Storyboard Extracts from storyboard for vidéo. Included with French Oxygene 7-13 CD. 174533927 Teo & Tea Press Release 174573843 Oxygene 30th Anniversary Concert Flyer Dublin 30893137 Arena Tour Flyer 2009 UK Tour 30893138 2010 World Tour UK Flyer 101682666 Oxygene Live in Your Living Room Press Folder 189666255 Festival at Carthage Flyer 183723773 Electronica UK Tour Flyer 2016 203158821 Oxygene 3 Flyer 203474177 Oxygene 3 Postcard 203655127 Oxygene 3 Record Slip Mat 203474179 Connection Concert Info Flyer Liebana, Spain 204032424 Concert Schedule Gdansk 2017. 204278891 Hamburg Planetarium 205316870 Hank Marvin signed program Concert tour program signed by JMJ collaborator Hank Marvin. 176610538 Patrick Juvet autograph. Jarre collaborator. 176403041 Phone Cards Chinese Phone Cards 30893139 Destination Jarre Magazine advertising board 30893140 Destination Jarre Un-used artwork 178612188 1995 Calender Conductor of the Masses Calender 30893143 1997 Calender Conductor of the Masses Calender 30893144 Conductor of the Masses Promo Postcard 30893147 Conductor of the Masses Promotional Sticker 30893146 Oxygene Tour '08 Mug One only produced by 104558454 2010 Tour UK Stamps Issued by One sheet only. Photo taken at the NIA, Cardiff, Wales. 174368624 iPhone 4 Case One only produced by 176142058 Fridge Magnet Limited Edition produced by 176142059 Poster Magnet Limited Edition produced by 176190223 Mount St Michel artwork Original piece by unknown artist. 175907730